West Coast Life Commissions Site

    Please note that West Coast Life and Protective Life and Annuity no longer offer access to Commissions information from this webpage.

    Please click here to be routed to the West Coast Life Agent/BGA Center log on page at www.westcoastlife.com.

    Please click here to be routed to the Protective Life and Annuity Agent Services log on page at www.protectivelifeandannuity.com.

    Please note that these sites require registration for use. If you have not yet registered you will be required to do so before accessing Commissions information. If you are registered to use Protective Producer or Protective Advisor, you can use that log on information and will not be required to re-register.

    Should you have any questions regarding the registration or access process, please contact the Michigan Sales Office at 877-778-3500.

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